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Dogs exhibit the greatest diversity of size of any mammal - Cornell University. The following table contains the heights and weights (if available) of over 600 dog breeds. This could be used if you are looking for a dog of a specific size and/or weight. These sizes should give you a close idea of a dogs size. The lower height/weight are generally for the female. Many times you can find breeders that specialize in breeding larger or smaller dogs than are listed here. Consult a breed club for more information. Size is only one of many things to consider when looking for a dog. Temperament, color, coat, activity and appearance are also important. There may be some duplication of breed names due to different spellings in different dog clubs. For more specific information on a breed, click on a dog name to do a Google search and check out the various dog clubs below.

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American Kennel Club 1884
United Kennel Club 1898
Canadian Kennel Club 1888
Federation Cynologique Internationale 1911
Kennel Club UK 1873
New Zealand Kennel Club 1886

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